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 List and Information about Members

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Number of posts : 287
Age : 32
Localisation : paris
Registration date : 2007-04-04

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PostSubject: List and Information about Members   List and Information about Members Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:11 am

Here is the list of every members of this forum. Create your own topic and I will add your description with the following.


Main nickname: [Pc]-Cypher
From Warhammer 40000, He is a traitor

Other nicknames:
All you need is Love = beatles song of course
Ride to Lightning
Fade to Black
Master Of Puppets
Hybris (something have to remember for French lesson, a man wh pretend to be god)
Scrml= meaning nothing means something

First name: Rémi
Country: France
Work: Student in Maths and Physics
Favourite Weapon: MP40 (so dont try to con me by giving me a THompson for my mp40 like Maunt)
Favorite Map: Base and Village ( objectif map )

I have played Wolfenstein since .....2003, I think but I started playing DM one year ago and I really enjoy it (maybe cause players level is better.

BTW, I like to travel: I offer go to Montréal, my sister lives there. She was married the last September and I was her witness .

Normally, I will be an engeener in three years and eventually begin to work. My fields are electronic and energetics.

My hobbies?...watach movies ( lots of series as Prison Break, 24...)
animes ( like Miyazaki) and listen music (R.E.M, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, U2, Beatles, AC-DC, Metallica..)


Main nickname: Lechuck
Monkey island is great! (a pc game very fun)

Other nicknames:none, im always Lechuck

First name: Dani
Age: 23
Contry: Spain
Work: Actually i'm working at Coca Cola more big of europe.
Favourite Weapon:Grenade
Favourite Map: Beach

Well i dont remember when started to play 2004 /- but not played very time and returned 6 weeks ago and started playing DM 3 or 4 weeks ago and will play very more

Work in a single factory but to gain something of money at the moment, I want to mount a company of subcontract works of construction.

I like Magic: the gathering (a cards game), see movies (that likes very), listen music (of very types), play paintball with friends, strongs emotions (so parachuting, Bungee,..), listen the ppl and talk with they, pc games and console games, read books of Dragonlance and similars, TV announcements, smoke weed, poison a enemie at rtcw Razz, and more things

I dont have photos at that pc of me but i will post it in a future when buy the webcam.

well,.. i know my english is a shit,.. but i tried to explain it geek


My name is Dima(english variant Damian)
I am 18 years old ( 2 august 1988 ). From Ukraine, Kiev-city.
Playing Wolfenstein about 5 mounth. Before Pc I was in GCF - clan( But they didn't want me to be in clan coz i can play only at Suturdays and Sundays( I am studying in the University thats why I have not so much time) If u want to know something else just write.
Nick-name is WasD or g0t0.


My name's Stefan, i'm 20 and i live in Austria. some of you may know me due to my 1 year old carreer in Wolfenstein
However, im studying BWL (business things) in the univeristy of Graz.

My hobbies: watching soccer(not playing it), going out with friends and playing RTCW of corse.
I started playing one year ago, even though i got the game from a former schoolfriend about 5-6 years ago. My favorite weapon is MP40, for sure. and i also love poison kills and playing as panzer noob (damn, its so funny if the enemies run from a single player and then insult cause they got killed hahaha)


Main nickname: Pc T!ger
First name: John
age: 19
Country: Slovakia
work: now i'm workin' in with car electronics, but i'd like to study next year on an university
favourite weapon: mp40
favourite map: base, what else?


Rtcw name Person

Msn Adress

Group TeaM 51

Age 17

Country Poland

Connection? Cable

What servers u play on? hmmm 4lives valksfun valks elite team 51
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Number of posts : 398
Age : 28
Localisation : Belgiuml
Registration date : 2007-04-09

List and Information about Members Empty
PostSubject: Re: List and Information about Members   List and Information about Members Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2007 1:23 am

Nice Info Razz
here is Mine
Main nickname: A E R O X
First name: Roy
age: 17
Country: Belgium
work: Studiening next year on an university
favourite weapon: mp40
favourite map: base, what else Razz
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List and Information about Members
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