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 Helpful binds

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PostSubject: Helpful binds   Helpful binds Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2007 2:33 pm

I will post here a short help for Bind and config. If you have some tips, I will add it here.

For your reload, the bind is:
/ bind "key" ";+dropweapon;-dropweapon;+activate;-activate;weaponbank 3;"

For example, I use r:

/ bind r ";+dropweapon;-dropweapon;+activate;-activate;weaponbank 3;"

or you can use for dropreload: /cg_autoswitch 3
(I use both)

allows you to move body (if your teammate is stucked for example)

(Thanks god. I can use the symbol + in this forum cheers )

If you want to learn the language for the console go there:

here you have most useful commands:

For animate, there are at least two ways to do it:

-first, thanks to Grisu here is a tool to make it easily:

-or you can do it like a barbarian:

First create a new file .cfg. (you can copy one and deleted everything inside)
Its name will be: anim.cfg

This is an example of mine(inside of anim.cfg for example)

name ^6[^7P^0c^6]^0-^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7PC^6]^0-^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0i^7C^0l^6]^0-^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0in^7C^0la^6]^0-^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0ink^7C^0lan^6]^0-^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0ink^7C^0lan^6]^0=>^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0ink^7C^0lan^6]^0==>^7C^0ypher;wait 30;
name ^6[^7P^0ink^7C^0lan^6]^0===>^7C^0ypher;wait 30;

You can change the "wait" value: wait 100 fps = 1sec
The sum of your "wait" have to be under 1200 fps. I have tested more, and It's too long for the screen victory.

Then you have to bind it in your wolfconfig_mp
(your anim.cfg must be in the same path than wolfconfig_mp)

for example:
/ bind F10 "exec anim.cfg"
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Helpful binds
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